IPR Rights

EQUESTRIDE POLICY ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTSThis policy statement sets out the manner in which Equestride and its associated companies deals with its intellectual property rights (“IPR”), including how it obtains, enforces and otherwise deals with IPR.

As an innovative company, Equestride invests large amounts of R&D and financial resource in developing its technologies and it will aggressively where necessary enforce its IPR.

Equestride has significant technological advantages, which are protected by its IPR, and the company is committed to preserving and enhancing its competitive position through its strategic IPR portfolio management, including taking offensive and/or defensive legal action,as necessary. This policy is indicative only and Equestride reserves the right to take such actions and/or assert its intellectual property rights as it sees fit without prior notice.

To this end, Equestride’s IPR exploitation and enforcement matters are handled by it’s international law firms. Information on Equestride’s IPrights is available on request.

IP rights are critical to our offerings

Equestride deals with all types of intellectual property. Significantly, Equestride controls a growing number of international patent rights relating for example to our innovations in:

• technologies for prevention of equine injury

• technologies for treatment of equine injury

Equestride’s International patent rights include the following patent families:Equine injury prevention and treatment technology each of which is directed to a number of different inventions deemed core to our competitive advantages.

Equestride is also the owner of further IPR which protects its trade dress, trading style, product descriptions,technologies and other valuable business assets including but not limited to trade mark rights, rights in passing off and unfair competition, trade secrets,database rights, design rights and copyrights.


Unauthorised use of Equestride’s IPRdamages not only Equestride and its partners but the industry as a whole. The company does not tolerate unauthorised infringements of its IPR and will pursue infringers and copiers to obtain resolution and if necessary formal remedies and relief to the fullest extent possible, including injunctions, damages (and exemplary or enhanced damages if applicable) or an account of the infringers passed and future profits, and enforcement costs. Equestride and its agents continually monitor and review potentially infringing activities and Equestride has financial provision and management approval for taking legal action internationally, without notice if necessary.


Under certain circumstances, Equestride may be willing to enter into licensing arrangements to allow third parties to use Equestride’s IPR. Equestride will only grant licences in writing and each licence will be subject to formally agreed terms and conditions. However , this statement is in no way a waiver of any right or an offer of a licence and each instance will be treated on its own merits. Please contact us if you are interested in using or obtaining a licence to any Equestride IPR.