Andrew Daly:

Andrew Daly is the inventor of the Equestride System for the rehabilitation of flexor tendon and suspensory ligament injury in horses. He is a professional Design Engineer who has had a lifelong involvement in the horse industry in Ireland both in the breeding and riding of Showjumping horses. He had always been acutely aware of the tendon and suspensory ligament injury problem that has historically plagued the equine industry.

Daly had previously worked as a Design Engineer for major companies such as Nokia Mobile Phones and in the Formula One motor racing industry. In 1997 he formed a Company to bring to market another of his inventions, the Aircooled tendon Boot range under the Dalmar brand. Over the following 10 year period Dalmar grew to become one of the leading preventative boot brand and the business was subsequently  taken over by Horseware in 2010. Since that time Daly has concentrated on bringing to market the EqueStrideTendon Injury Rehabilitation System, an idea that he had first conceived several years before that.