My name is Sabina van Duijvendijk and I am from the Netherlands. I used the Equestride on my pregnant mare Vienna with success. I was so grateful for the good recovery of my mare I decided to write my story about the Equestride. My pregnant mare had a terrible accident in which she injured her right hind leg very seriously. She went to the clinic and was treated there for two months. During the treatments she put her full weight on her left hind leg. The overload and the mandatory stable rest resulted in the collapse of the left hind leg. An ultrasound exam showed a large rupture of the tendon (musculus interosseus). So now both hind legs were injured! Unforunately the clinic could not do anything for this left hind leg. The only “treatment” is mandatory stable rest and support by bandaging the leg and hopefully it will all turn out welljQuery17203552390803574629_1529499160658?

The ruptured tendon plays a major part in the suspensory ligament which supports the whole body weight of the horse. Pregnancy hormones have a negative influence in softening the muscles and tendons. Generally not such a good prospect for healing and regenerating the damage tendon. I thought there must be a better way to support that left hind leg. So I searched the internet, which resulted most of the time in support stockings for horses that are generally used for lymphatic drainage. Not for tendon injuries. Fortunately I found the website of Equestride. I contacted Andrew Daly of Equestride and we talked about what the Equestride could do for my injured mare.
Our plan was to strengthen the left hind leg and prevent further fetlock dropping as she was gaining weight due to the pregnancy. The device was sent to me and we made a Skype appointment with my vet and Mr. Daly to fit the Equestride on my mare. It is very important that the device fits well and needs to be supervised by a veterinary professional. We consulted a training program for my mare which was monitored by me, my vet and Mr. Daly. After a few weeks walking my mare by hand with the Equestride, it showed results! The left hind leg showed less fetlock dropping. It was working! After Vienna gave birth a lot of weight was lifted from the left hind leg. But during the pregnany the Equestride was a good support and success! So if you have a horse that has tendon injuries or fetlock dropping I really recommend the Equestride. I hope my story helps many other horses (and their owners) with this type of injury.
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